CampK  Extension Program

Keep your child academically engaged

in literacy activities all summer long!

Build your child’s skills and confidence! Sign up to receive the Camp K

Extension program, an individualized program of literacy activities that

allows you to help your child entering Pre-K, Kindergarten, First or

Second Grade to develop targeted literacy skills. This daily program

begins just as Camp K's weekly program ends. It is unique, highly

individualized, and assessable in any location to enable you to enjoy

a summer of family fun. So, put on your beach shoes and take your family vacation! You can feel confident that your child will have a rich assortment of literacy activities that will keep him/her learning throughout the summer. Our individualized program allows you to help your child prepare for the grade ahead. 

Extension Program will include the following:

  • Four weekly packets designed just for your child emailed to you every Sunday evening in July.  The first packet will be delivered on July 2nd. Sunday packets will continue until July 30th.
  • One 30 minute private tutoring session with Karen Pike to check in and update your child's individualized Extension Program. This can be done via Skype if you are away!
  • FEE: $250 for the full four week program.

About the Extension Program Weekly Packet

Each weekly Summer Extension Packet will be emailed to you on Sunday evening.  You print the pages you receive so that your child can work on them throughout the week.  Several of the activities are accessed via the Internet. The Extension Program includes specially chosen short literacy videos that are set up for viewing in, an Internet service that removes distracting materials from videos.

 The packet will provide daily activities to be completed Monday through Friday.  They are as follows:

1.   Warm up phonics video.
2.   A very short writing exercise.
3.   Weekly high frequency word work.
4.   Let’s get busy: An activity that targets a specific reading skill.
5.   Poem of the Week to listen to and try to memorize.
6.   Drawing fun that connects creativity with literacy.
7.   Space to record the name of the book your child read, or you read to him/her, that day.

8.  A weekend page suggests four different children’s storybooks to listen to. For easy access, both QR codes and URL links to these books are provided for you.

Each daily activity builds upon and strengthens a variety of literacy skills. To make the most progress, it is important to have your child work sequentially through the weekly packets, completing the activities assigned to the day. 

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