Quotes from Camp KParents!!!

"Thank YOU so much. Drew absolutely loves it and Diane couldn't be nicer. Can't wait for week two! P.S. Please pass along to Diane that Drew insisted we read "Brown bear, Brown bear" tonight and had it virtually memorized. Awesome. Loved the art projects too."- Parent of Camp K

"I wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for all your work at camp K last month. The other day, I was reading with my older daughter and I asked my son if he could recognize some sight words. He pointed to she and said "I know that word, I learned it in the camp I had before Kindergarten camp!" 
Again, I wanted to let you know how well he has done and how please I am with his experience. I feel far more confident about having him go to Kindergarten with his improved literacy skills."

​- Parent of Camp K

"Michael had a great week.  Thanks!  So glad you are doing this camp!  There is nothing for these little ones in the area and they are such sponges - so ready to learn, play, move, etc.  Love the projects you are doing with the kids." - Parent of Camp K

"My kids had a blast & I'm blown away by what they picked up on in just 3 days!  They were so excited to tell us about their projects, etc." - Parent of Camp K

"I will be signing them up for camp next week as well! We loved the work you did with our son"
-Parent of Camp K

​"Thank you so much! My husband and I were so happy that the kids had fun! He read his little reader to him and was so proud!"
- Parent of Camp K

"I can't say enough good things about Camp K and the phenomenal staff! My son had an excellent week. He was challenged, inspired and happy, and even though it was a short (too short!) period of time, I could see his growth! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! " 

- Parent at Camp K